iTravel Software integration with Tourico Holidays!

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iTravel Software integration with Tourico Holidays!

iTravel Software has been integrated with Tourico Holidays! This means that you can use the integration to book directly from the back office and see all products coming from Tourico with only a few clicks. Not only does this integration allow iTravel’s customers to book large hotel chains from the back office but it also allows them to publish items from Tourico’s database on their own websites by using API.

About Tourico Holidays

For 21 years, Tourico Holidays has been a growing global travel brokerage company, directly contracting with travel providers (hotel chains, cruise lines, attractions and more). They have over 160 million searches a day.

Tourico has over 36,000 hotels across 4,500 destinations ranging from budget to luxury, boutique to brand.

Advantages of integrating iTravel with Tourico Holidays:

• Wider offer for your iTravel back office and online booking search
• Increase direct sales as well as sales through B2B and B2C website
• Time saving (no need to enter products, prices and descriptions manually in the system or to contact all vendors directly/separately)
• Decrease administration costs
• Combination of different sources showing the best offer
• Continuous content update and latest travel product changes (real time data exchange)

Learn more about 3rd party supplier integrations:


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    1. We are tour operator from Myanmar (Burma). We would like to know about your products and services. Can you please send us more details and prices?

      Thank you very much.

      Mobile : +959421074480
      SKYPE : james.thet.tun.07

    2. Daer all, we are interesting to find a way to integrate Itravel Sofware with Tourico Holidays to our website.

    3. I need more information about this product. Can you please send us more details and prices? We are very interested. Thank you very much, Tattyana Pereira

      • Mateja Zbodulja

        Hi Tattyana, thank for the interest! I am already communicating with Alan. I will contact you per e-mail as well.

    4. we are busy rebuilding a new website, but I would like to know how does it work, can we become an agent and sell the products as we are looking at other options.

      Waiting urgently for your reply

      • Mateja Zbodulja

        Dear Marguerite, thank for the interest! I will contact you per e-mail.

    5. Good day,

      How do I go about receiving the API product list.

      Kind regards,

      • Mateja Zbodulja

        Dear Anel, thank for the interest! I will contact you per e-mail.

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