iTravel Software connected with TRAVCO

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iTravel Software connected with TRAVCO

iTravel Software has integrated with Travco!

This integration enables you to have a wider offer when you or your customer/partner searches for a product. Travco’s inventory can be visible in iTravel back office, your website and your b2b portal! With Travco integration you get real time data for hotels from all around the world that constantly gets updated automatically.

About Travco

Travco is a leading global hotel wholesaler offering an outstanding selection of global hotel accommodation at the lowest rates.

Booking through Travco, you can find hotels of all sizes and statuses, from leading 5-star institutions and all-inclusive resorts to independent 1-star youth hostels.

Why Travco

  • 26 years of industry experience
  • 12,000+ global hotel partners for you to book from
  • 1,000+ Destinations with bookable hotels
  • 100% increase in global destinations since 2009
  • 4000+clients already profiting from our business
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